Corporate information system

Universal information system for small and medium-sized companies. Sold under the trade name 'FIS'.
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Introduction to FIS

Here are some examples of what our product offers.


A modern form of customer relationship management.

Business module

Tracking of incoming/outcoming offers, demands, orders.

Project - production module

Tracking of projects, planning, analysis, attendance, production.

Finance module

Budgets, invoices, payments, cash-flow, analysis.

Inventory module

Position and item warehousing, receipt and issue cards, packaging, transfers.

Unique, flexible infrastructure

A set of tools that significantly accelerates the implementation process.

What makes FIS special

FIS can cover each and every company process - except for accounting. However, we can integrate with external accounting software.

Developed from practice

FIS was developed according to the real needs of our users over a span of over a decade.


FIS can perfectly adapt to your needs - not other way around. Almost every part of FIS is modifiable.

Flexible implementation

You dont have to implement the whole system – just implement the modules that are the most important to you.

Most of your demands can be met without coding

Customization within the framework of FIS is simple - and thus inexpensive. We can fulfill your requirements within a few workdays.


Using FISnotifier, FIS can periodically inform you with all the data you deem important.


Our business partners

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INISOFT s.r.o. deals with the development and implementation of specialized software. In the ENVIRO resort, our programs are the most widespread in the Czech Republic, where they affect the entire waste management system.

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